Television, Web, Film – Physical Production, Post and Music

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Chuck Cirino - Television, Web, Film - Physical Production, Post and Music Production

Chuck Cirino is an Emmy nominated producer celebrating 40 years working in TV, film and the web. Through the years his entertainment career has splintered into varied areas of creative expertise. From cameraman to editor to film composer, graphic artist and producer/director – Chuck has all the bases covered.

Chuck is also a co-owner in Fearless Media Inc. He and his business partner, Alexia Cirino operate a production company catering to corporate and industrial clients for the purpose of creating videos and multimedia content for the web.

Currently Chuck is retained part time at The Adelante Movement as a consultant.

 Chuck has recently produced for:

  • ITV/Raycom – The nationally syndicated TV series, AMERICA NOW – with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic  –  Last year Chuck won a Telly Award and was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show.

Web content producer/director for:


Chuck’s accomplishments:

  • Directing cutting-edge children’s programming for Disney, CBS, Syfy, TLC and FOX KIDS.
  • Executive producing, hosting and directing WEIRD TV, a nationally syndicated television series.
  • A musical composer having scored dozens of feature film motion pictures and TV shows.
  • Director, cameraman, editor on over 1200 Federated Group TV spots starring Shadoe Stevens as Fred Rated.
  • The first to introduce the Burning Man Festival to the rest of the world in 1994 via his show, WEIRD TV.
  • Pretty much invented ‘reality TV’ on his show Weird TV.
  • Pioneering the now-traditional, editorial style of the ‘quick cut’ common in television shows, television commercials and music videos. The ‘quick cut’ was first introduced in the Federated Group TV commercials of the mid-80s. Before these thousands of Federated TV commercials proliferated the airwaves in Southern California (influencing the imaginations of other Hollywood producers, directors and editors) the common mainstream media was always presented at a much slower pace.
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