Cinéma Imaginaire’s Movie Themes Collection Now Released on Soundcloud

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éma Imaginaire is the creation of prolific film composer Chuck Cirino, collaborating with author and screenwriter Dave Nichols. Chuck and Dave grew up together and dreamed of the day they could make movies in Hollywood. While their careers have been multifaceted and eclectic, they haven’t managed to make films together until now: movies that exist in their minds and now yours.

Chuck Cirino and Dave Nichols

Chuck Cirino                             Dave Nichols

As teenagers Chuck and Dave would listen to the movie soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith and John Barry on vinyl LPs and drool over the jacket art and liner notes before they actually saw the films in theaters. Together they would imagine what was happening in the movies to match the music. Often their imaginations conjured better stories than the actual films portrayed. Remember, this was a time before instant access to everything; before the Internet… before The Empire.

Now we would ask you to do the same. Sit back with some virtual popcorn, close your eyes as these rich scores wash over you, and imagine with us. These are films that have never been and yet somehow are. The show starts now.

Listen to the entire Cinéma Imaginaire album. Or go to Soundcloud and read the story descriptions which accompany each track.

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Chuck Cirino

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